Les nouvelles d'ac6-tools

System Workbench for Linux the full-fledged Embedded Linux solution

Project Manager

Ac6-Tools offers an extensive tool, ready to use and adaptable, to help you building your embedded Linux systems, from definition to image generation through application development and debug:

  • A complete graphical, user friendly environment based on Eclipse
  • Define your target platform with a predefined set of elements
  • Configure, compile and install your Linux kernel
  • Select, configure and install your user modules
  • Manage directly your target platform and its evolutions
  • Debug your applications on the target
  • Manage your own modules library
  • Generate your complete image
  • Increase your Teamwork efficiency

Ac6-Tools propose you several trainings to learn compiling Linux and applications with Ac6-SW4L, writing drivers or USB gadgets (cf programs at Different technical assistance solutions are possible, from platform installation to writing drivers and BSP.

Technical support: an « hotline » support contract is available to help you with your developments (consult us at

Download a presentation of the benefits of System Workbench for Linux Adobe PDF format file Ac6-Why_System_Workbench_for_Linux.pdf