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System Workbench for MCU
Open STM32 tools

Your solution for Micro-Controller Development

Build easily your STM32-based embedded systems with the free Ac6 OpenSTM32 integrated development environment

Ac6-Tools offers a complete approach, ready to work and expandable for your future needs MCU Configuration screen

  • A complete graphical, user friendly environment based on Eclipse
    • We support all Eclipse versions from Juno to Luna
  • GCC-based full fledged toolchains, with no size limitations
  • Create your whole embedded system in a single tool:
    • Define your target platform from a set of predefined elements
    • Configure, compile and install your application
    • Debug on the target with built-in or external debug probes
    • Manage directly your target platform and its evolutions
    • Flash your system image from the IDE

The Ac6 System Workbench for STM32  can be downloaded free of charge from the community web site.

As an Eclipse component, once installed, System Workbench can be updated using the standard Eclipse mechanisms. The Linux and MCU versions of System Workbench are fully compatible and can be installed in the same Eclipse platform thus providing an integrated development environment optimized for distributed applications split between Linux and MCUs..

MCU Project Configuration   MCU Project Configuration

Ac6 System Workbench for Linux Ac6_System_Workbench_for_Linux-Classic-EN-20130308.pdf