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System Workbench for Linux
Building Penguin

Your solution for Embedded Linux Development

Create easily your Linux embedded system

Ac6 System Workbench for Linux, helps you develop both your Linux platform and your applications. It provides a convenient, comprehensive and powerful environment for embedded system developpers.

A Complete environment

Ac6 System Workbench offers an integrated graphical environment to provide intuitive use. The range of tools gives the possibility to fully-configure and to build the kernel and the applicative layer to generate a complete Linux distribution according your expectations. All the tools contributes to accelerate and to make the development setting up easier and successful.

Eclipse-basedManifest file

Ac6 System Workbench is an Eclipse plug-in. Eclipse is an open source Integrated Development Environment - IDE -, used and contributed by many companies. It provides a graphical interface and automatic tasks. This plug-in is working and is fully-integrated with the latest version of Eclipse. AC6 System Workbench enhanced the Eclipse features to support the development for the embedded world.

Define your target platform

Ac6 System Workbench has been designed to match developers’ expectations : user-friendly interface, sensible default settings and flexible configuration. The parts of the target platform definition consists (parameters stored in a Manifest file) of :

  • Processor Architecture definition (configure, compile and install your Linux kernel)
  • Cross-compiler toolchain (prebuilt and configurable Tooset)
  • Communication media (network, serial line...)
  • Debugger configuration (software debugger, JTAG debugger)
  • Package configuration settings for userland programs
  • Filesystem configuration (support, formats, partitioning...)

Ac6 System Workbench goals and benefits

  • Configure, compile and install your Linux kernel, as well as user level package
  • Customizable target platform management
  • Debug remote application
  • Allow better teamwork management
  • Simplify development of asymmetric multicore applications (on adapted CPUs)

Library manager

System Workbench for Linux, includes a pack of platform libraries and a libraries editor. A platform library is a set of package definitions which can be imported into your applicative platform as packages, thus accelerating platform development and preventing mistakes.

Technical Support

Ac6 provides you with proactive support around Ac6 System Workbench for Linux. The project philosophy is to provide tools that help the developers in to go through time-consuming phase, but at same time, to provide flexibility in configuration. Please contact us to discuss your needs and your suggestions to improve the product (including new manufacturers’ target platform support).

For more information, download Ac6 System Workbench for Linux product brief: Ac6_System_Workbench_for_Linux-EN.pdf .

Ac6 System Workbench for Linux Ac6_System_Workbench_for_Linux-EN.pdf