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Free Workshop on Embedded Linux with System Workbench for Linux on September 24th, 2019, in Lyon St Priest, with ARROW

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Pre-configured options guide you in the selection of modules, packages and features for an easy and fast build of your Linux system. Dependencies are automatically detected and feedback for a seamless configuration.

It is Eclipse-based and coming with a rich and comfortable GUI. Your project will benefit from our unrivaled experience in embedded Linux. Even cross-debugging of your application from the desktop is offered you to deliver a solid tested application.

Build, modify, debug, maintain your own Linux platform with no constraint. You can add, remove, cut every module, package or piece of code you need, even modifying the kernel, for an optimal embedded Linux platform.

You can share the same IDE and enjoy a unique project environment, whether you are a system or an application developer. You can quickly adapt your Linux system to your latest applications or streamline the delivery of optimized embedded platforms.

System Workbench for Linux The Development Tool That Eases The Build, Debug, Maintenance Of Your Embedded Linux System

Project ManagerAc6-Tools offers an extensive tool, ready to use and adaptable, to help you building your embedded Linux systems, from definition to image generation through application development and debug:

  • A complete graphical, user friendly environment based on Eclipse
  • Define your target platform with a predefined set of elements
  • Configure, compile and install your Linux kernel
  • Select, configure and install your user modules
  • Manage directly your target platform and its evolutions
  • Debug your applications on the target
  • Manage your own modules library
  • Generate your complete image
  • Increase your Teamwork efficiency

Download our Adobe PDF format file Flyer_System_Workbench_for_Linux_EN

System Workbench for Linux comes with technical support contracts providing:

  • Training to the tool, possibly in combination with a Linux training. please check out our calendar
  • Engineering services, ranging from turn-key projects for the supply of BSP, software platforms, drivers, ... to ports on specific requirements.

Please consult us at

Download the System Worklbench for Linux Quick Presentation Adobe PDF format file Ac6_System_Workbench_for_Linux-ShortForm.pdf


Last news from ac6-tools

Free Workshop on Embedded Linux with System Workbench for Linux on September 24th, 2019, in Lyon St Priest, with ARROW

Ac6 invite you to a one day workshop around Embedded Linux and System Workbench for Linux on STMicroelectronics STM32MP1 SoC

On September 24th 2019
From 8h30 to 16h30

Location: Arrow, 2 allée du Lazio
Parc Technoland
69800 Saint-Priest, France

Register on-line or call us: +33 1 41 16 80 10

This workshop will answer the following questions:

  • How to build a Linux platform, include an application and debug it seamlessly,
  • How to master your Linux platform to optimize it to your needs and gain independence,
  • Why Embedded Linux platform building must take into account the whole system and application development life cycle,
  • How the integration of System Workbench for Linux and System Workbench for STM32 will simplify assymetric multicore system development and debug,
  • How Ac6, Arrow and their partners can help you in your Linux Embedded projects,
  • How to jumpstart your first project with System Workbench for Linux.

Agenda :

  • The benefits of System Workbench for Linux with respect to open-source tools like Buildroot or YOCTO,
  • Tool presentation and showcasing using an Avenger96 board based on the STM32MP1 assymetric multicore MPU from STMicroelectronics
  • Multicore debugging of an assymetric application running on both the Cortex-A7 under Linux and the Cortex-M4
  • Trainings and associated services.

Download the detailed agenda Adobe PDF format file System_Workbench_for_Linux-Workshop-24th_September_2019.pdf